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Hey Everyone!
I'm Josh and I'm a British actor based nearby reading and oxford. (just west of London)

I've always loved creative subjects and am especially fond of acting and any subject attached. I have been told I have quite a knack for script analysis which is something that I'm very proud of.
I'd really love to get to work with you on your self tapes or running lines!
I'm an actor and specialist performer (combat roles) I already have a number of lovely WeAudition reviews from the great people I've met so far, and I'm looking forward to meeting more fantastic people in future!
I know WeAudition has a session timer, but I tend to ignore it, I'm really not worried about going over the time, I like to help until you are satisfied with your tape or lines.

If you'd like to set up a specific time for a rehearsal or self tape I can be reached at:
Twitter: Just_Josh_Cook
Instagram: Just_Josh_Cook

Thanks for checking me out!

I don't charge a fee for reading however tips are appreciated,
I look forward to working with you.

Joshua Cook is an actor based around the Oxford/ Reading area in the UK. playing range 18-26 Years old

I have a passion for story telling, But until recently it seamed like an unobtainable fantasy. I would love the opportunity to be a part of someone's story and to help in some way to bring that to life. while I lack professional acting experience, I do boast some skills that i believe to be transferable into the industry, including: a lengthy martial arts background (in hand to hand combat but also with experience in hand to armed and armed to armed techniques.), archery, tomahawk throwing, accompanied by a variety of harnessed activities such as abseiling and climbing to list a couple.
I consider myself to be an adaptable person, I am interested in portraying a variety of characters and am very open to challenge. I hope to be diverse in my acting experience but i am particularly interested in historical/ fantasy roles at entry levels and am hoping to build up my portfolio with acting experience.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile.

Specialist and Stunt work via Take3: Commercials via Birdston talent management: Currently unrepresented as an actor outside of com

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Lead Tod
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The Perfect Shot
Lead David
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student film
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