Jessica Lynn Miska

Hello fellow actors!

I’m an enthusiastic, Meisner trained actor (William Esper Studio, NYC!) with training that includes acting, voice and speech, script analysis, movement, and Mask. Add to that 20+ years of theatre...and you can call me obsessed with the art of telling stories!

Let's get you booked! Lines? Accent work? Prop choreography? Pacing? Rehearsing for a class or just need to run lines? I'm here to work the scene with you and will only offer suggestions if asked.

Hope to read with you soon~

Tips and reviews are always appreciated~
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In 3,2,1.......ACTION!

Hello fellow actors!

I’m an enthusiastic, well trained Meisner actor who has been out of the industry for a couple of years and am working up my auditions and skill set to start working again!

My childhood was spent on the stage with theatre and music and I spent years training in acting, voice, speech, stage combat, script analysis, and much more at the William Esper Studio in NYC.

I have a very flexible schedule, great wifi, and my set up ready to go to read with you to help you prepare for your audition/casting/role!


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" Awesome energy!!! Really nice and helpful! "
" Amazing reader! Thanks so much for your help ! "
" Wonderful bright and energetic reader with great ideas! "
" Awesomeee!! "
" All star, she is! Fun and smart too. "
" Jessica is so personable and easy to read with!! "
" Jessica was so sweet and fun to work with and helped me get to where I wanted to be with our characters back and forth!! and on a Friday evening!! Thank you so much!! "
" Jessica is absolutely fantastic! Great presence. Really connects. Friendly vibe. I HIGHLY recommend! "
" Great feedback, great reader! "
" Fantastic reader. Gave Wonderful and useful feedback. Highly recommend! Thank you Jessica =) "
" Light up my heart and LOINS! "
" Jessica is truly one of the most talented people I have ever met. She has a true love for acting and her notes are spot on. I was blown away! "
" So sweet and fun and helpful!! "
" So much fun and very generous with her energy! a lovely reader. "
" Jessica was a lovely reader - it's really obvious she loves her craft! Gave useful suggestions and was very clear in asking what I needed from her. Thanks so much! "
" Always a great experience! "
" Wonderful to work with!! "
" Wow, jessica is fantastic! helpful, adaptable and a pleasure of a human. "
" Jessica is one of the best readers I have worked with! Her energy is so helpful and supportive and she always helps you get the best take :) So amazing!! "
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" Really amazing voice and articulate! A true pleasure to work with! "
" Such a great reader! "
" Great reader and loved her notes and script analysis! "
" Jessica is SO GREAT!!! She is a fabulous voice coach and actor in NYC and so kind and patient as a reader :) "
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" Great scene partner with really helpful notes "
" Fantastic reader! Great instincts and fun to play with "
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" AMAZING!!! "
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" Jessica was amazing! Gave great tips and was super patient. Loved working with her! "
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" Great reader, very kind & knowledgeable! "
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" Jessica is so patient and very generous with her time! "
" Super helpful and energetic, lots of great feedback. Thank you Jessica "
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" Jessica was so great! She really played with me, and had a fun southern accent. I really liked bouncing off of her and definitely recommend her. "
" A great reader! "
" So helpful and kind "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
The Faces of Leah
Leah (Lead)
2019 [added]
“In a Cold Sweat”
Director-Dan M Chloe (Leah)