Annie Williams

As a new and aspiring actress just starting in my career, I have privately trained using Stanislavski, Strasberg and Meisner, my preference is Strasberg and Stanislavski as I believe to be authentic it helps to have experience in the role I am playing. I believe to carry off a role well I need to be as authentic ass possible, acting is not just becoming someone else, its standing in their shoes, thinking like them, whilst still being myself.
I truly believe we all have many characters in us, its having the ability to draw on that emotion, or situation to become authentic and practice makes perfect. I don't charge for reading as I want the practice, if you like what i do please give me a review. Thank you

I think the most important thing to mention in these unpresented times is I have been swab tested many times for COVID-19 to work on set, I have also completed the Safe Sets "COVID-19" Level A English, certificate available upon request.
I have a part, playing Liz a criminal, for a pilot episode of "Bad Criminals" filming in Bristol, this is a comedy drama. I have also played the Korean Prime Minister for a corporate training program, the great thing about the experience no-one knew I was an actress.
I am an adaptable actress always willing to try any role, if I don't get it that is fine, I have tried. I gained experience in a web series and working as an SA to get the feel of being on set, the expectations of the director, the importance of listening to direction and awareness of other actors, watching and listening how lines are exchanged looking natural and authentic.
I work as a Orthodontic Practice Manager, very aware of the healthcare setting, holding a Masters Degree. I am always available, as I am self employed and my job is very flexible.

James or Peter at Little Big Door, I am able to gain my own work, as not exclusive, I look to them for advice regarding payment for a project.

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I was flying Passenger
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Web Series Mrs Shah