Hi there, I am Chloe and I am an English actress based in London.
I originally wanted to be an Egyptologist (Thanks Spielberg) and follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, but upon finding out I would spend more time in a library then going on adventures, I decided I could pretend to have adventures instead. I still say Spielberg owes me a job.

I have worked in the industry professionally for over 10 years now and work across stage, screen, voice over and corporate work. I have directed professionally as well. Credits include work for ITV, Sky Arts, Televisual, Sony, CIC Media and BT.

Currently you may see my head wiggling in the Double bubble Bingo commercial before Loose Women on ITV.


RETCH has won over 30 Meleis Internationally in the horror genre with Switchblade cinema.

"Wigmore offers a nuanced performance and brings a homely charisma to the character, while at the same time demonstrating her strength as an independent woman. The chemistry between the two is effective and convincing, and we do find ourselves caring about and willing on these characters." Broadway World UK Nov 2019

"Chloe Wigmore captures Lady Capulet’s superior attitude as she struts around in red hot leggings, which match her simmering temper." Review Mark Eaton of The Confluence.

Winner of the Christine Shelton Award for Progression of Excellence over three years.

Frances Zealander at The Frances Phillips Agency

Credits Include

2021 [added]
Double Bubble bingo Commercial
Commercial ITV Bowler Hat Business Woman
2021 [added]
You Shall Love (Tu Amaras) Camila Ymay González
Out of the Win Veronica
2021 [added]
Training for British Association of Plastic Surgeo
Hendrix Traini Multiple Characters
2021 [added]
Breaking the Band: Whitesnake
Breaking The B Tawny Kitaen
2021 [added]
Deloitte training video
Deloitte Analy Alex
2020 [added]
The Unexpected Chameleon- pitch Rachel Violi
CIC Media Narrator
2020 [added]
The Show Must Go On Line : Youtube
The Show Must Sylvia
2020 [added]
Voiceover: Disruptive Nature (TV series)
Jessica Rutenb Narrator
2019 [added]
The Adevnturer's bucket List
NFTS Chloe
2019 [added]
Hozier music video
Hozier / To No Performer
2019 [added]
Complemento Camila Ymay González Ortiz
amila Ymay Gon Clarita
2019 [added]
Bridge Academy Police Training
Training Louise Wilson
2019 [added]
E-learning training film for Health Visitors on do
Copia Producti Rachel (victim)
2019 [added]
Bed Seven
Tristan Bates Nurse Patricia Vosey
2018 [added]
BT Print Campaign
2018 [added]
Urban myths: Backstage at Live Aid
Sky Arts: John Janice Long: BBC Presenter
2018 [added]
Secret Cinema
Bladerunner Ms Marsden LAPD
2018 [added]
Sony Television and Televisual
Simon Smyth Woman
2018 [added]
BVS Training videos
BVS Training Kate- MS Sufferer
2018 [added]
Fisikal Fitness App
Box Creative F Chelsea gym goer
2018 [added]
Bloody Palms- Theatre 503
Camila Ymay Go bethany
2017 [added]
Tesco Spring Campaign
Print Wife
2017 [added]
Juiet, Naked.
Jesse Peretz a Air Stewardess
2017 [added]
Go Compare : Onward and Upward
P.I.Film Netwo Hiker
2016 [added]
East London Sh Witch 1
2016 [added]
Secret Cinema
Dr Strangelove Ophelia Busoms
2016 [added]
Only Fools and Horses comedy dining
Tour Racquel
2015 [added]
Regional Theat Multi role
2015 [added]
The Lost Theat Iris
2014 [added]
The Park Theat Gravedigger, Player 1,
2013 [added]
Don Juan The Libertine
The Cockpit Th Marie
2013 [added]
Headrot Holiday
Bryn Willams The Cockpit Theatre
2013 [added]
Romeo and Juliet
The Leicester Lady Capulet
2013 [added]
Dick Whittington
tour Dick Whittington
2012 [added]
The Crescent T Sally/ Masha
2011 [added]
Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean
The Old Joint Edna Louise
2011 [added]
A Woman of no Importance
The Crescent T Mrs Arbuthnot