Alecia Rochelle Young

Let's have some fun why don't we. I'm awesome for patriotic, love stories, musicals, philosophical, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, documentary, thriller, mystery, leading hero, action star, comedian, or medical field pieces. 🤪 And I'm actually one of those readers that is acting WITH YOU opposed to just reading.

If you want my advice please ask! I wont offer unsolicited advice although my advice is golden if i dont have anything I will just say that but I do want your audition to shine the brightest and for you to be Super Confident and happy with your product.

Interested in Comedy, Fantasy, LGBTQ+ Romance, Diversity, Thriller, Mystery, Action Star, Leading Hero, Patriotic, Philosophical, Musical, Sci-Fi, Medical/Health Related, Narration, Commercial, Edutorial/E-Learning, Audiobook, Fashion, and Documentary!!
The most recent reoccurring speaking role i booked was for a Bitchy Lieutenant on a brand new Webseries in 2021. One of the Couture Pieces I wore for my first Modeling Gig walking the Runway this past February SOLD THE SAME WEEK!!!

Alecia Rochelle Young is a singer, songwriter, model, TV/Film Actress, Voice Over Actor, and Spoken Word Artist located in the South Central area of the U.S.A.
I embarked on this profession after taking some voice over classes in 2019. However, I am a natural in acting & improv and cannot say ive had the chance to go to school for acting or anything else in the industry. Im a natural at a lot of things within the industry(Modeling included) and i would love to know more about how i can develop proper etiquette no matter how unique and rebellious i can be.

Im desiring to be cast in TV/FILM, Theatre/Broadway/Musicals, Commercials, Documentaries/Docuseries, Radio, Voiceover, Internet, or Webseries. Ive also written a few movie treatments.

If you cannot/Do not use Paypal I have these Payment Options Available for Tips. And Also my email address is available for correspondence!
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I represent myself still and you can reach me by email at: 405-400-8024

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" Alecia was a great reader! So friendly and personable. Will book again! "
" Fantastic reader!!! Thank you for having fun with me and being patient with this 5mn scene! "
" Very patient! Thank you for working through my technical difficulties. "
" Alecia is a great reader and actor! She's very attentive and gives good notes! "
" Super helpful and efficient. Will def work with again! Thanks Alecia! "
" Very helpful! "
" Very helpful and patient reader. Thanks, Alecia! "
" I had such a productive rehearsal this Reader is everything I needed to for fill my rehearsal "
" I had a very productive rehearsal with Alecia...You will too! "
" Great to work with. Offered good feedback! "
" I am ready for my selftape... thanks to Alecia "
" What a productive rehearsal. Thank you Alecia!!!! "
" So happy with ALecia. I will work with her again "
" Incredible support - Love this Reader "
" Great reader. Would recommend! "
" What a generous and supportive Reader Alecia is Thank you so much! "
" Alecia is amazing! I had such a great time working with her, and she took her time working with me through my scene. Alecia is a reader with GREAT energy that'll you'll want to book all the time. Thank you so much or your time and patience me Alecia!!!!! <3 "
" Alecia is always great, everytime!! Thanks Alecia! "
" Alecia was so helpful and made my audition feel natural. Thank you so much!! "
" Alecia has amazing energy! Definitely will be going back to her! "
" Alecia is an amazing reader! One of the best. Thank you!! "
" An angel "
" A+++! Incredibly patient, very talented actress, takes notes perfectly, and most importantly, kind. :) "
" A+++! "
" Super friendly, easy to work with! "
" Again!! She is a GREAT reader! "
" Alecia was such a gentle, patient and warmth-filled reader. Thank you Alecia!!! "
" She's everything!!! "
" She rocks!! Great Reader!!! "
" Alecia is awesome! Thank you so much for your help. "
" Such a kind helpful soul. Thank you "
" Greta reader! Patient and with you every step of the way! "
" So kind and helpful, she got right in to the process.. thank you "
" SUCH A SWEETHEART AND LOVED READING WITH HER!!! Her Warm Energy makes her super easy to ground down into. "
" Alecia was such a joy to work with. Thank you!! "
" Great reader! Dove right into the material with me! "

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
A Baby at any Cost
TV Movie
2021 [IMDB]
For the Love of Money
2021 [IMDB]
The Beauty of Love
TV Movie
Black Bags
Bus Station Patron uncredited
Help Wanted
Restaurant Patron uncredited
Steppin Into Love
Restaurant Patron uncredited
What the Nanny Saw
TV Movie